Hello! My name is Noah. I live in Spain and I’m an artist that enjoys working with different materials and challenging myself 🙂

Here I provide you some terms and conditions that might be useful if you are willing to work with me. I know this sounds scary but I promise you it will be easy to read.

  1. PAYMENT METHOD: only Paypal.
  2. To start a project I will ask you for full payment up-front.
  3. Once you make the payment, I will start working on your project and you will have a maximum of 3 corrections per work. If you want more, there will be an extra fee, which will vary depending on how big the project is.
  4. When the payment is done and the project is started, you have a maximum of 5 days to cancel the project and I will refund your money back. Once the time is over, I will not make the refund.
  5. Do NOT send me the money until your order is confirmed.
  6. Work in progress previews are always given.
  7. The commissioner is free to repost his/her commission with LINK, CREDITS or SOCIAL MEDIA of the author.


You can send me an email to answering these questions:

  1. What is it? (charm, keychain, necklace, figure, plush, drawing). Which material do you want me to use? (hama beads, felt, polymer clay, makers, pencil, ink, watercolours). Who is it for? (optional). Describe as much as you can.
  2. Size and how many.
  3. When do you need it?



Pre-existing / Canon characters

Original characters


Gore / Violence


Animals & Monsters (negotiable)

Realism (w/o reference picture)

Complex Mecha / Robots

Fanart that I don’t like/know


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